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Accounting Services

Accounting, Advisory

Good accounting practices is vital to ensure that the company is performing at its optimal standards, while helping to improve the productiveness of your business and employees. It is also to meet the changes in regulatory requirements and ensure that the company is kept abreast of the latest changes and conform to the appropriate standards. In addition to this, there is greater emphasis placed upon the company’s management to spend more time on critical business processes to improve and enhance the business values.

By engaging our accounting services, you can be assured that business documents are well developed and organised. We would also be able to provide you with detailed reports and analysis to accurately advise you on issues such as your monthly profit and loss accounts, cash flow, and balance sheets. These analysis would then provide valuable insights to identify areas to improve on and enhance the overall business productivity.

Estate Planning Advisory

Estate planning is essential and plays an important role in allowing tax benefits for beneficiaries. It means to protect the assets that you and your company has worked hard to achieve, and it ensures a safe and smooth transfer of assets to your loved ones. This is also recommended to minimise the amount of taxes being paid for the probate court’s involvement.

We would be able to provide professional advice to give you certainty on how your assets would be managed if you are not in the capacity to do so yourself. This asset management would establish how and when your assets would be distributed to your loved ones.

Income Tax & Withholding Taxes

Tax laws in Singapore can change every few years, and usually a tax advisor is required to fully take advantage on tax reliefs and ways to minimise taxation. This allows certain tax amounts to be possibly reinvested back into the company for future growth. We would also be able to advise on issues such as withholding taxes and tax liabilities.

Mortgage Planning

Understanding the tax implications of various mortgage strategies may be advantageous for both you and the business in managing real estate assets. We are able to accurately analyse your existing loans and provide you with strategies and actions plans to capitalise on your mortgages to generate more financial gains.

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Advisory

Free Trade Agreements can be advantageous to businesses as it help remove taxation barriers, tariffs or hindrances to create a freer flow of goods, services, investment and resources. An established Free Trade Agreement would present great potential and business opportunities as it makes it easier for businesses to trade and invest.

We would be able to analyse the opportunities presented by these Free Trade Agreements and accurately provide advice to capitalise on the best possible paths of actions to take.

GST Services, Quarterly GST Reporting

If a company in Singapore is generating a taxable turnover of $1 million for the past 12 months, it is required to be registered with IRAS to be GST taxable. We would be able to assist you in the application, submission of GST reports and responding to IRAS regarding issues and queries. We would also be able to provide advice on GST implications involving business start-up, restructuring, new business arrangements and cross border transactions.

Un-audited Reports Compilation

In the Singapore Companies Act Chapter 50, it is a requirement for all companies to present audited reports, unless your company falls under the category of private companies that meet several criteria, which are then granted exemption. Reporting on the financial performance is a necessity, regardless of the size of the company and these reports should be presented at annual general meetings to allow mangers to plan and make informed decisions.

Valuation of Companies, Value Consulting

Companies usually face two challenges when undertaking strategic initiatives: to increase value and to mitigate risks. In order to find solutions to these challenges, a deeper understanding of the value, risks and opportunities is required. We would be able to provide advice and decision analysis tools needed to improve strategic decision making.

Yearly Reporting

Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. From these annual reports, key decision makers are able to focus in on areas of improvement for the company’s operations and also formulate strategic directions building on the company’s success.